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Designers’ Simple Tricks to Breathe Life Into Stale Rooms

Zillow Diggs“The most important design feature of a room is functionality…. Ask yourself, ‘What is going to go on in here?’”By Tali WeeWhether you’re a new home buyer or longtime homeowner you’re likely familiar with the lackluster ambiance of an outdated room. It’s challenging to determine which interior design element causes that undesirable feeling. Is the space insufficiently lit, overwhelmed by hardwood accents, flooded by a dusty odor or cloaked in an old-fashioned color scheme?

Zillow digs white living room with water view

We asked design bloggers for their best do-it-yourself advice to refresh drab interiors. Here are their recommendations.

What’s the best way to enliven dated room decor?
“I think that the best way to update an outdated room is with paint. A fresh coat of paint on the walls can really set the tone for a room. Don’t be afraid to paint outdated furniture, either. I’ve been made to feel bad about painting over wood tones before. But the truth is, if I don’t even like it, and a new color or finish will make me love it again, why not?  I’m all about trying to use what you have to save on cost.” — Corey Willis

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